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Demographics of Amherstburg

The Town of Amherstburg’s population has increased steadily, with a projected average annual growth rate of 1.39% over the past 10 years, higher than both the national and provincial averages.

Ethnic Origin and Language Capabilities

While the largest group of Amherstburg residents, when asked, report their ethnic origin as simply Canadian, there are three other large ethnic groups in the community which are of similar size: French, English and Italian.

According to the latest Census figures, almost 11% of Amherstburg residents are able to conduct a conversation in both English and French. The Italian-speaking population is also significant, with almost 5% of the population able to converse in that language.


Approximately 55% of the population of Amherstburg, aged 20 years and over, have at least some post secondary education and over 17% have a university degree. Amherstburg’s population has similar education levels as the population of Ontario as a whole, where 55% have some post-secondaryeducation and one in five has a university degree.

Not surprisingly, given the region’s reputation as a center for high-tech manufacturing, the most common field of study for Amherstburg residents was Applied Science Technologies and Trades.


Amherstburg residents have generally experienced a lower level of unemployment than elsewhere inthe Province with an estimated 2006 unemployment rate of less than 5%. The largest percentage of the population are employed in Sales and Service Occupations, followed by Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators and Related Occupations.

Over 30% of the Town’s workforce are employed in the Manufacturing sector, a higher proportion than in the region as a whole. The Retail Trade sector is also significant, employing over 10% of the working population.


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