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The Amherstburg Fire Department

Amherstburg Firefighters


The Amherstburg Fire Department proudly protects 21,556 people. Amherstburg, situated in Essex County is in Canada's most southern county, at the same latitude as Northern California. A history rich community, over 200 years old, located on the shoreline of the Detroit River and Lake Erie. It boasts a diverse municipality with some of the best agricultural lands, industry, and tourist destinations.

Fire trucks spraying water in lake

To read more about the history, click "The Amherstburg Fire Department, the Past and the Present"

Mission Statement

The goal of the Amherstburg Fire Department is to provide fire protection services through a range of programs designed to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants from the adverse effects of fire, sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature.
fighting car fire


  • Structural firefighting including rescue:
  • vehicle firefighting
  • grass and brush firefighting
  • limited marine firefighting
  • Mutual aid
  • Medical assistance with defibrillation
  • Hazardous materials response at the awareness level.
  • Transportation incidents involving motor vehicles, trains, aircraft and water craft
  • Limited water and ice rescue
  • Public assistance, ambulance assistance, police assistance, public agency assistance
  • Community emergency planning
  • In-service public education

Members Page

271 Sandwich St. South | Amherstburg, ON | N9V 2A5 | Tel. 519-736-0012 | Fax. 519-736-5403 | TTY. 519-736-9860
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