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Heritage Sites and Attractions

Heritage Sites and Attractions

Explore Amherstburg Heritage Sites below.  From National Historic sites to outdoor designated gardens.  There is something to discover year round.


 Bois Blanc Blockhouse (1839)

Bois Blanc Blockhouse

Ferry to Boblo Island, 340 Dalhousie Street (for ferry fee & schedule information visit


Bois Blanc Blockhouse was built in 1839 to keep an eye on Canadian rebels and American sympathizers who might try to invade Canada. Open for tours Sunday, 1pm to 5pm, May 1st to October1st.

Bois Blanc or Boblo Island Amherstburg Canada N9V

To arrange private tours call Bill Brundage at 519 736-2330

 Bois Blanc Island Lighthouse

Bois BLanc Lighthouse

Ferry to Boblo Island, 340 Dalhousie Street (for ferry fee & schedule information visit


The Lighthouse is situated on Boblo Island. It is a Parks Canada property administered by Fort Malden National Historic Site of Canada. It was designated because of it's historical associations, and also for it's architectural and environmental significance.

Bois Blanc Island Canada

519 736-5416
 Belle Vue House

Belle Vue House

525 Dalhousie Street


Bellevue house was built for Robert Reynolds in 1816 -1819. He was the commissary to the British garrison at Fort Malden. Bellevue was also the home of Catherine and Margaret Reynolds, Robert's sisters. They occupied their time as artists. Their paintings include scenes along the Detroit River and the north shore of Lake Erie. The work of the Reynolds sisters is considered to be among the earliest work by an English artist in the province, and include "A View of Amherstburg, 1812", "The Commandant's House at Amherstburg".

Catherine and Robert Reynolds lived at Bellevue until their deaths in 1864 and 1865, and are both buried at Christ Church. (see church below)

Belle Vue House has recently been acquired by the Municipality of Amherstburg and is has both provincial and federal designation.

 Christ Church and Cemetery

Christ church and cemetery

317 Ramsey Street


Christ Church is a one-storey brick church designed in Neoclassical style and constructed in 1818-1819. Christ Church is associated with Lt. Colonel William Caldwell (c.1750-1822), Rev. Richard Pollard (1753-1824) and Fort Malden (Amherstburg). It is the oldest church in Essex County. The cemetery on this property is a must see!

 Detroit River Heritage Parkway

Detroit Heritage Parkway

268 Dalhousie Amherstburg Canada N9V 1W7


Spanning from Riverside Drive in Windsor through LaSalle and Amherstburg via County Rd #20, this beautiful scenic route was once the waterway for important ships during the War of 1812. The Detroit River is the only river in North America with both Canadian and American Heritage River Designations.

 Elliot's Point

Canoeing on Detroit River

779 Dalhousie Street


The land is so named due to the fact that it was the home estate of British Colonel and Loyalist Matthew Elliot, who took up residence on the property in 1783. He was also one of the most prosperous farmers in all of Upper Canada. It is known that Elliott had a large number of black slaves who worked his estate and lived on the property. Slaves fleeing the bondage of the U.S. slave states in later years, found refuge on this property as well. This is a drive by opportunity.

Fort Covington

Fort Covington

534 Sandwich Street South, near Police Station


On September 27th, 1813 a military landing by American General Harrison with a force of 3000 men took place. Before proceeding to Fort Amherstburg, the men dig a traverse for shelter in fear of British advancement. This "place" is now recognized as a "Binational Peace Garden" dedicated in 2012.

 General Amherst High School Murals

General Amherst Murals

General Amherst High School, 130 Sandwich Street South (murals on back of builiding, visible from Laird Avenue)


Nine large outdoor art panels. Created in 1964-1967 and restored for the 2012 Bi Centennial. A rare art form of granolux, each panel depicts a story or life in the 1800's. Riveting in size and composition! Not to be missed. Bring your camera!


Gordon House

Gordon House viewed from the King's NavyYard Park268 Dalhousie Street


Restored and boasting four original fireplaces and mouldings, the Gordon House is now home to the Town of Amherstburg Tourism and Culture Department and souvenir shop. The Gordon House is an original 1812 site.  For more information, 519-730-1309.

International Peace Sculpture

Soldier beside International Peace Monument

In the King's Navy Yard Park, 270 Dalhousie Street


Amherstburg Rotary Club and Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce present a legacy project to commemorate the longest undefended border and lasting peace between the U.S. and Canada since the War of 1812. Twin cities to Amherstburg, Put-in-Bay, Ohio and Monroe, Michigan bind their friendship in this beautiful sculpture of "forged peace"! Bring your camera!

268 Dalhousie St Amherstburg Canada N9V 1W7

 King's Navy Yard Park

King's Navy Yard Park

216 Dalhousie Street


Designated as a Bi-Centennial International Peace Garden. Preservation of our heritage by this beautifully landscaped 10.5 acre waterfront park is evident in the legendary park. Along the pathway are many manicured annual flower beds, a ships anchor, cannons, and a light house beacon. It has been acknowledged as part of the great Sauk Trail which ran from Illinois to Detroit.This park boasts an array of trees including Kentucky Coffee trees, Oaks, Sweetgum, Maples, Magnolias and Serviceberries. Once a shipyard for the Provincial Marine, today you can take a stroll along the water, watch the ocean and lake freighters pass by or snap a photo of the colourful Rhododendron's and lovely gardens. Public washrooms, cell phone tours, and an Electronic Kiosk are also available.

The King's Navy Yard Park is a footprint of the prior Navy Yard dating 1796. This site was responsible for the construction of several Provincial War Ships that fought in the War of 1812 . The water craft built include: the Camden, General Hope, General Hunter, Francis, Maria, Queen Charlotte, Lady Prevost, Detroit, Eliza and the General Myers.

Currently the property is a municipal asset completely public, accessible and enjoyed by all. Along with its beautiful and inviting gardens, The Kings Navy Yard Park is appreciated for its rich history which includes significant commemoration to the War of 1812. Several historically relevant buildings are also on the property including the Gordon House, Park House Museum, Commissariat and the Pensioners Cottage

 Murray Street


Murray Street

Downtown Amherstburg, Dalhousie and Murray Street


In the mid 1800's, Murray Street was the main road running away from and to the river. Docking was at the foot of Murray. Dalhousie had the main buildings such as Horseman's tavern and the British North American hotel. In 1874 a fire destroyed the wooden buildings along the street. The big buildings on Dalhousie were saved due to their proximity to the river and water to put out the fire. This left way for Murray to be re-developed in the 1870's and 1880's. The newer buildings are Victorian - tall with carved cornices and lintels over the windows. Today this street hosts a variety of restaurants and shops.


 Navy Yard Parkette & Town Square

Fountain in Navy Yard Park

Downtown Amherstburg, Richmond and Dalhousie Street


Located in Amherstburg's waterfront downtown core, is a great place to take a relaxing break from shopping or take beautiful pictures of the lovely surrounding gardens. The soothing bronze dedication fountain is the perfect setting for wedding photos. (The Greek Goddess Hebe is depicted where the Greek word "hebe" means youth, or prime of life.) Snacks are available at one of the many local eateries and Public Washrooms are adjacent. In mid-November, the Parkette glows with the annual tree-lighting ceremony & is a kick off to many holiday festivities.

 Provincial Marine Monument

Battle of Lake Erie statueIn King's Navy Yard Park, 216 Dalhousie Street


A riveting bronze monument honoring Canada's first Navy-Provincial Marine's heroic efforts during the War of 1812. Featuring a full-sized group of sailors with cannon during the Battle of Lake Erie 1813.

214 Dalhousie Street Amherstburg Canada N9V 1W6
 Rankin Street

Man and woman sitting at table on Rankin

Downtown Amherstburg, Dalhousie and Rankin Street


Rated one of the "prettiest" little streets in Ontario! Victorian lined houses and period gardens grace this pretty little street. Step back in time and enjoy the scenery while you stroll towards the river. Many heritage designated homes on this street!

Simon Girty Memorial Stone

Simon Girty Memorial Stone

1173 Front Road South


Girty's life crossed cultural boundaries between native and white societies on the frontier of American settlement.  Later in his life, Simon Girty settled near Amherstburg and for ten years continued to lead or encourage western indiands in their warfare with the Americans.  Girty was exiled in 1812 when the Americans took control of Amherstburg but continued to reside there until his death.  Described as "one of the most colourful and controversial settlers in the New Settlement," Girty died in 1818 and was buried on his homestead with military honours.  Drive by this unique monument, which is stone carved as a tree stump.

 Wyandotte Cemetery

Wyandotte Cemetery968 Front Road North (park on Middle Sideroad/ County Road 10)


Amherstburg area was once the home of the Wyandotte, remnants of the Huron, Neutrals and Petuns who were dipersed by the Iroquois in the 1640's. Some eventually reunited and settled along the Detroit River, where they became known as the Hurons of Detroit or Wyandotte.  After the fall of New France, the Wyandotte became supporters of the British during the American Revolution although many remained neutral in the War of 1812.  In the 1840's a number of the Wyandotte were moved to a reserve in Kansas while others stayed to help develp this region.  A few names in the cemetery include: White, Warrow, Spitlog, Drouillard, Clark and Brown.