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Available Properties & Brownfields

Amherstburg has an extensive portfolio of commercial and industrial properties guaranteed to meet your needs. A current list of properties available for sale or lease can be found online with

It is our goal to foster a supportive economic climate and ensure prompt service so that your business may grow and flourish.

To confirm zoning regarding a specific development proposal, Zoning By-law 1999-52, as amended, should be reviewed along with consultation with the Town's Manager of Planning Services. 

 Investment Ready Properties


Ontario's Investment Ready- Certified Site Program is an opportunity to market your industrial property.

Ontario's Investment Ready: Certified Site Program is an investment attraction program that was launched by the Province in December 2013. This program aims to identify, via a website, all lands in Ontario that are in fact investment ready. It will be a tool used by many, especially site selectors, to see what parts of Ontario are in a position to quickly move to an investment stage.

The initial launch of this program in December, 2013 was well represented by Windsor-Essex with over 50% of the applications from Southwestern Ontario coming from our region alone! The Ministry was both impressed and encouraged by this response remarking on both the variety and sizes of sites from our region. The second intake for applications closed on April 15th. An additional intake of the program has occurred since 2014.

  •  The certified site program

The Certified Site Program is open to public and privately owned properties that are industrial zoned sites consisting of 10 acres or more. The program provides financial and international marketing support for the property.

This program is extremely beneficial in that, a property with an Investment Ready: Certified Site designation is attractive to investors and site selectors because it:

  • Provides important background information on the site's availability, utilities, transportation access and environmental record;
  • Encourages faster site selection decisions;
  • Can help Greenfield or expansion projects get started.
  • Investment ready sites also benefit from:
  • An international marketing campaign aimed at the site selection community;
  • A profile on the Invest in Ontario website;
  • promotion at key global real estate, site selection and investment attraction events.

Once the property is certified, it maintains the designation for 2 years and you can apply for an additional 2 years once the designation expires. Your site will be promoted on the Province's website for as long as it is certified, or until it is sold. See the link below for full information on the Program and criteria.

Some of the primary criteria for the Pre-Screening Application process includes:

  • The minimum property size for sites must consist of at least ten (10) acres of adjoining developable land;
  • Applications must be submitted jointly with whether a municipality or an Economic Development Organization;
  • There is no limit to the number of applications that these 2 organizations can sponsor, but keep in mind that they and municipalities are limited to two (2) sites for potential funding with re-imbursement. If a community wishes to certify more than 2 properties per year, additional sites can be certified without receiving reimbursement;
  • All applications/sites will be scored on their own individual merits;
  • A site must be free from easement, liens and development constraints.

The Program has someone on hand at all times to respond to questions by e-mail or telephone. Visit the Investment Ready website or send your inquiry via email.

 Industrial Parks


Amherstburg currently has a manufacturing base of small and medium manufacturers including Diageo, a local whiskey distillery that produces the legendary Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, Precision Plastics, one of Ontario's largest full-service suppliers of Industrial Plastics and thermoplastic, Superior Wood Produces, including manufactures trusses and joists, and Windsor Machine and Stamping on Smith Industrial Drive.

We have planned for industrial development in the Smith Industrial/Howard Avenue lands to the south of County Road 8 where 795 acres are designated Heavy and Light Industrial. Over the past few years, several new industrial developments have achieved planning approvals to locate in this area.

The historic industrial area of Town which includes former General Chemical plant has been reclaimed and is serviced and ready for re-development opportunities.

Our growing manufacturing base is the result of a number of competitive advantages:

  • Strategically located only 20 minutes to the Windsor, Canada - United States border the region is the primary gateway to access all of Ontario and is North America's "crossroads for commerce."
  • The low cost of fully serviced land
  • Low property taxes
  • Access to a highly trained and motivated labour pool
  • Quality transportation linkages via Highway, rail and water
  • No development charges for industrial and commercial developments as reviewed and extended by council.

For more information on Amherstburg's manufacturing sector and investment opportunities please contact the Development Services Department.



Brownfields are former industrial lands, which may be contaminated, now vacant or underused, that are found in all municipalities in the province of Ontario.

Brownfields are strategically located sites and represent an important part of Ontario's economic land supply.   Cleaning brownfields cleans the environment. It reuses the land to make way for new sustainable communities with houses, offices, schools and recreation centres close to public transportation and other services.

Estimates of the number of brownfields across Canada range from 30,000 to 100,000. They include locations such as abandoned service stations, railway yards, junkyards, dry cleaners, factories, foundries and mills.

  •  Recent Brownfield Legislative Changes in Ontario

Brownfield redevelopment often remains more expensive, time consuming and complex than traditional forms of development.  As a result, the Ontario government recently passed legislation to encourage more interest and participation in brownfield redevelopment from municipalities and the private sector. 

The recent legislative changes will make Ontario a leading jurisdiction in brownfield remediation and redevelopment by reducing liability barriers.  Real and perceived risk makes developers, lenders and real estate professionals reluctant to get involved in brownfield transactions. 

The new legislation protects developers from provincial cleanup orders in cases where contaminants migrate from a property. This would apply once cleanup documentation is filed, as long as the migration does not exceed defined environmental standards and the developers did not cause the contamination. Consultants doing cleanup work are also protected from provincial cleanup orders.
  •  Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program

What is the Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program?

The Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program (BFTIP) is an initiative of the government of Ontario to encourage the cleanup and redevelopment of brownfield properties.

It provides provincial education property tax assistance to match municipal property tax assistance for cleanup of eligible brownfield properties. Under the program, the province can cancel all, or a portion of the education property taxes of a property for up to three years. Municipalities can apply for an extension prior to the termination of the tax assistance.

If you are a brownfield property owner interested in the Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program, contact your local municipality. In order to qualify, a Community Improvement Plan (CIP), municipal tax assistance by-law and other information would be required. Presently, the Town of Amherstburg has not yet embarked on the preparation of any Community Improvement Plan (CIPs). Municipalities apply on behalf of property owners. They must also be qualified under the program before the owner can receive provincial assistance.

The municipality will need specific information and an authorization from the property owner. These will be sent to MMAH and/or other ministries.

Overview of Application Requirements

Application Form

The municipality must fill out an application form for each property it proposes to receive education property tax assistance.

Proposed Municipal Tax Assistance Bylaw

The proposed municipal tax assistance bylaw must include the details of the municipal property tax assistance to be offered to brownfield property owner(s) over a given time period.

Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

The municipality must include a copy of the relevant CIP, and the bylaw adopting it, enabling the municipality to provide municipal property tax assistance.

Program Information and Document Requirements

A variety of other information requirements apply such as confirmation of participation by upper-tier municipalities (if applicable), current assessment information, and estimates of the tax assistance to be provided.

All necessary information on the Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program (BFTIP) criteria and requirements can be found below:

Requirements of the Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program

Application for Matching Education Property Tax Assistance

Annual Progress Report

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on current Brownfield Opportunities in the Town of Amherstburg please contact the Town at (519) 736-0012 ext. 228.

Or Contact the nearest regional Municipal Services Office for information about the Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program:

659 Exeter Road, 2nd Floor
London, ON N6E 1L3
(519) 873-4020 or 1-800-265-4736

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