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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cross connection?

A cross connection is any connection, either actual or potential, between a potable water supply or system and a source of contamination or pollution.


What is backflow?

Backflow is the undesired reversal of water flow against the normal direction.


What is a backflow prevention device?

A backflow prevention device, sometimes called a backflow preventer, is a mechanical device that prohibits a backflow of contaminants from getting into the drinking water.


Why do backflow prevention devices have to be tested regularly?

Backflow prevention devices have internal seals, springs, and moving parts that are subject to fouling, wear, or fatigue. Therefore, backflow preventers have to be tested regularly to ensure that they are functioning properly. Typically, backflow preventers are tested once each year.


Who is responsible for having a backflow prevention device tested?

Generally, the owner of the facility or facility manager is responsible for having a backflow device tested.


Who can test backflow prevention devices?

Only a plumber who is a Certified Cross Connection Control Specialist and who has been certified by the Ontario Water Works Association is permitted to test backflow preventers located within the Town of Amherstburg.


I have received a letter stating that my backflow prevention device is due for testing, what am I required to do?

Contact a Certified Cross Connection Control Specialist to test the device. Following the test, a Test Report Form must be completed and submitted to the Amherstburg Building Deparment by the due date shown on your notification letter.

For your convenience, a list of companies employing Certified Testers is provided on this web site on the page titled "Contractors".  A Test Report Form is provided on the "Forms" page of this web site.