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The Town of Amherstburg's online Geographic Information System (GIS) provides an opportunity to explore the scope of this vibrant community in a variety of ways, including mapping applications and paper maps.


 Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping / ONLINE Mapping
What is GIS?

GIS is short for Geographic Information Systems and it is an organized collection of computer hardware, software, geographic data, and personnel designed to efficiently capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, and display all forms of geographically referenced information for town business. Below is an example of how a GIS layers sets of data to create a final composite overlay. 

layers comprising a g.i.s. diagram

A link to our public online mapping can be found below.

Amherstburg Geocortex


Zoning Maps


Zoning By-law 1999-52, as amended, governs the use of all lands, buildings and structures in the Town of Amherstburg and how a use, building or other structure may be located on a property.


Before a building permit can be issued for proposed changes to property, including additions to an existing building, a parking lot expansion or the construction of a home addition or deck, the Building department must confirm that the project meets the requirements of the zoning by-law applicable to that use, property, building or structure.


Zoning By-Law Maps

Designated Heritage Sites 

The sites showcased here are properties which have been designated (legally protected) by The Town of Amherstburg under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. Click on each site for more information about the site. This site is mobile friendly.

 Belle Vue Historic Map

Located in Amherstburg, a town steeped in historic charm and situated on the banks of the Detroit River at the mouth of Lake Erie. Amherstburg is one of the oldest towns in the province. Identified as a "War of 1812" community, Belle Vue is part of the History of Amherstburg. For 200 years, it has stood majestically as a reminder of a time when Belle Vue House was a symbol of a town and nation rebuilding after the War of 1812.


Belle Vue Interactive Map
 Underground Railroad Map
The Underground Railroad was developed in the 1780's.  It was a network of secret routes and safe houses that slaves used to escape slave holding states in the south of the USA to the northern free states and Canada. The Underground Railway ran approximately until 1860, coinciding with the start of the American Civil War.  It is estimated that the railroad helped 30 slaves a day escape across the river through Amherstburg and into Canada

Visit our Amherstburg Underground Railroad web map.
 Downloadable PDF Maps

Amherstburg Overall Municipal Map

Amherstburg Town Centre Streets and Addresses