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Youth Programming

Amherstburg offers a variety of programs for your young adult or youth to enjoy.

Essex Empowerment Girls Group

This is a mentorship style program, funded by the Essex Power Corporation designed to give young girls a sense of self. Girls will get to know their true self and to love every part of who they are physically, mentally and emotionally. We want them to find what they are passionate about and empower them to go out into the world successfully.

Ages 10-14

To register please call guest services at 519-736-5712  

Amherstburg Wildcat Gymnastics

Amherstburg Wildcat Gymnastics programming has been made possible through the Youth in Community Fund by the Essex Power Corporation and the Government of Ontario.

Programs are divided into 4 age specific levels that introduce children to the physical literacy of the sport. At each stage, skills will be taught and built-upon.


Lynx - Parent and Tot

Children will learn through play. Fun and safety are the main aspects. This level teaches the basic concepts of balance, gross motor skills, muscle and body control and strength. Running, hanging, jumping, twisting and rolling are taught through games, obstacle courses and stretching. Parent involvement is required in this class

Ages 2-4



Students will move towards activities that lean more into gymnastics exercises such as landings, leaping, swinging, locomotion and climbing.

Ages 4-7



Agility, flexibility, and strength are the dominant focus in this level. Great emphasis is put on swinging, landing and previously learned skills. At this level students begin to learn somersaults, cartwheels and inversions. Learning is done through games to keep classes fun and engaging.

Ages 6-8



While gymnastics basics are always reviewed and applied, balance, leaping, landing strength, locomotion, flexibility and agility all come together and are fine-tuned. By this stage a student's awareness of themselves physically and mentally is essential. More advanced gymnastics skills, movements and abilities are taught. The more basic movements can be performed independantly while a coach observes rather than assisting. Students will come to learn handstands, forward and backward rolls, front and back walkovers, running round-offs, handsprings, aerials and front and back hip circles on the bars.

Ages 8-12


To register please call guest services at 519-736-5712 

Let's Get Cooking

Young chefs will have the opportunity to explore fun and healthy cooking options. Your child will learn flavourful cooking techniques through the use of recipes and specific tools. Each junior chef will get a collection of their recipes to share with family and friends.

Ages 6-12

To register please call guest services at 519-736-5712 

Goju Ryu Karate: Level 1
Since 1984, the GKK Canada has introduced Goju Ryu Karate to students assisting them in developing self-confidence, self-esteem and physical fitness all through positive reinforcement. Through GKK Canada supplied Karate instructors, a strong foundation of discipline, dignity and respect is produced with a dedication towards excellence, physically, mentally and spiritually. This program is structured for youth interested in the opportunity to advance through our coloured belt levels. 

Ages 6-14

To register please call guest services at 519-736-5712 

 Youth Hip Hop

This class is perfect for all young hip hop dancers. We have a high energy class that will get your child moving. Your child will learn movement accuracy, foot work, and timing while dancing to some of their favourite music. At the end of our course, you are invited to watch your child dance in our mini recital.

Ages 12

To register please call guest services at 519-736-5712 

 Sports Jam

Every week our instructors will put together a fun class that will focus on sports and games that your child won't get enough of. Games like basketball, soccer, dodge ball, floor hockey and ultimate Frisbee are waiting.

Ages 6-12

To register please call guest services at 519-736-5712 

 Learn To Babysit

Our babysitting course is meant to teach your child skills such accident prevention, basic first aid, dealing with emergencies, and other real life scenarios. Your future baby sitter will learn safety, safe play, leadership and how to be professional.

Ages 11+

To register please call guest services at 519-736-5712 

 Youth Home Alone Course

This course gets your child ready for what to expect the first time that they stay home alone. With our instructor, your child will learn safety, basic first aid and how to deal with an emergency. Our course is taught through games and stories. Your child will also get a manual of everything they learn to take home.

Ages 8+

To register please call guest services at 519-736-5712