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Heritage Properties of Interest

Below are Heritage Properties of Interest located in Amherstburg. For those with an (*), click the pull down for more information.

Note: some sites are public (fees may apply) while others are privately owned and not accessible.

A Heritage Property of Interest is a non-designated property that is included on the Municipal Heritage Register because it is believed to be of cultural heritage value or interest to the Town. The only restriction on the listed property is that the owner is legally required to give the Town 60 days' written notice of intention to demolish.

245 Bathurst St.




The Searl House had long been a familiar landmark in Amherstburg. This Inn and its
grounds occupied the whole block between Bathurst and Sandwich Streets on the east side
of Bathurst Street.1 There is evidence that the Inn had existed at this location since 1806.2
By 1861 the daughter of the original owner of the Searl House, Ann Searl Drake was
operating the business and occupying the property. The 1861 Census notes Ann Drake aged
68 and Francis Drake aged 35 living in a building described as a Frame 3 storey on one acre
of land. This must be the Searl House.3 The Searl House was torn down in 1863 leaving
vacant, most if not all, of the land on which it had stood.

Following the death of Ann Drake in 1863, her daughter, Annie Archer (Mrs. William
Archer), became owner of the whole of Lots 12 and 13 (although the title is not cleared up
until 1881).4 It is difficult to determine when the Archers moved to Lot 12 and 13. The
1864 Assessment shows that William Archer had a Tenant at his residence on Seymore
Street but it cannot be determined that the Archers were then living on Lots 12 and 13 on
the west side of Bathurst Street. The 1866 through 1868 Assessments are similarly
inconclusive, showing Mrs. Wm. Archer as owner of Lots 12 and 13 but with no evidence
that she was residing there. The 1869 through 1872 Assessments show a tenant on the
property as well as Mrs. Archer.5 These Assessments indicate that there must have been a
building standing at that location since as early as 1869. Commencing in 1873 there are
two tenants as well as Mrs. Archer on the property.

In 1879 the Echo reported that “Mrs. Archer has finished her residence on Murray Street. It
has been furnished in first-class style and is handsomely furnished throughout."8 A sketch
prepared in 1883 for an application for an Insurance Policy shows a Frame Dwelling with
Milliners shop on the southwest corner of Lot 12 where 102-106 Murray Street is now
located.9 This must be the location of Mrs. Archer’s new residence on Murray Street. It is
unlikely that the article could be referring to the house which is now municipally known as
245 Bathurst Street since this house faces Bathurst Street, it would not be referred to as
Mrs. Archer’s residence on Murray Street.

In 1881 Annie Archer sold the east or rear part of her property to John Kemp, a Butcher for
$240.6 This property is now 110 Murray Street. In 1883 Mrs. Archer sold the centre part of
her property to Lenora E. Gott, Widow who had been a tenant on that part since 1878.7
These are the lands which now comprise 108 Murray Street.

From 1880 until 1884 Herbert or Annie Archer and usually another Tenant are assessed for
the west part of the lands. From 1885 until 1889 Mrs. Archer and another Tenant are
assessed for the West part of the lands. These assessments could indicate that there was
one building occupied by two tenants which would be consistent with the combined
milliner’s shop and dwelling at 102-106 Murray Street or that there were two separate
dwellings occupied by one person each.

Having sold the easterly two-thirds of her property by 1883, the property retained by Annie
Archer measured 120 feet along Bathurst Street by 60 feet along Murray Street, being the
most westerly part of Lots 12 and 13. These lands included the property where 102-106
Murray Street (on the north east corner of Murray and Bathurst Streets) is located as well
as the site of 245 Bathurst Street. It is known that the building for 102-106 Murray Street
had been built in 1879 but it is difficult to determine the date for 245 Bathurst Street.


From 1884 through 1889, Mrs. Archer placed mortgages totalling $500 on the westerly onethird
of Lots 12 and 13 which she had retained. These mortgages are not blanket mortgages
over the whole of the lands owned by Mrs. Archer, but rather they cover specific locations.
For instance the 1884 mortgage covers the present location of the house at 245 Bathurst.10
This mortgage is an indication that there was a building on the lands at this time (or in the
process of being built) as it is very unusual to use a specific metes and bounds description
actually outlining the location of the building if there is no building there. The 1888 and an
1889 mortgages cover the 60 foot square on the southwest corner where the Frame
Dwelling with Milliner’s shop was erected in 1879. 11 These mortgages use a metes and
bounds description because they know exactly where the building is located. Based on the
foregoing information, it is likely that 245 Bathurst Street was constructed between 1884
and 1889.

In 1890 Annie Archer, Widow sold the westerly one third of Lots 12 and 13 to Ellen Lena
Lalonge, wife of Luke Lalonge but retained the northerly 20 feet of the westerly one-third
for herself.12 The Deed conveyed the property in two separate parcels. A south part
measuring 60 feet by 60 feet (corresponding to the location of the building at 102-106
Murray Street) and a northern part with 40 feet of frontage along Bathurst by 60 feet in
depth (corresponding to the location of 245 Bathurst Street). This would be further
evidence that there was already a building at 245 Bathurst Street.

The Amherstburg Echo dated January, 31, 1890 contained the following news item:

“Mrs. Luke Gascon (Gascon dit Lalonge used interchangeably) has purchased the property
on the northeast corner of Murray and Bathurst Streets from the Archer estate for $600.
Mrs. Gascon will move her grocery there in the spring. Mrs. Archer reserves 30 feet on
Bathurst Street.”

The report is in error as Annie Archer had retained 20 feet of property not 30 feet. This 20
foot strip was conveyed to Ellen Lena Lalonge by Annie Archer by Deed dated 1895 and not
registered until 1899 and now forms the north sideyard of 245 Bathurst Street. 13

In 1905 Ellen Lena Campeau formerly Lalonge, wife of James Campeau conveyed the
property now known as 245 Bathurst Street to Alice Sherrill, Married Woman for a
purchase price of $550. 14 The description differed slightly from the previous Deed.
Since twenty more feet had been added to the north side of the property the
frontage should have totalled sixty feet, but only 47 feet were conveyed, as Ellen
Campeau retained 13 feet to be added to the rear yard of 102-106 Murray Street.

End Notes
1 This comprised Lots 12, 13, 14 and 15 East side of Bathurst Street, Registered Plan 1
2 Essex County Registry Office Instrument Number 57, Old Box B being a Mortgage from
William Searl, Innkeeper to Ebenezer and Robert Reynolds

3 This entry is in the Census District 2 for Amherstburg. Curiously, Ann Drake was also
enumerated in Census District 1 living with her daughter Anne Archer and her son-in law
William Archer.
4 No Deeds were registered to Annie Archer until the McCormicks quit claim Lots 12 and 13
to Annie Archer in 1880 (Essex County Registry Office Instrument 2171) and in 1881
(Essex County Registry Office Instrument 2313). The McCormicks had an interest in the
Estate of Ann Drake because Ann’s daughter Jane married John McCormick.
5 The 1870 assessment was not examined
6 Essex County Registry Office, Instrument 2301, Town of Amherstburg
7 Essex County Registry Office, Instrument 2631, Town of Amherstburg
8 The Amherstburg Echo June 6, 1879
9 Royal Insurance Company Policies with Local Businesses Insurance Plans 1881- 1887. The
sketch is included in Michael Twomey’s application for property insurance on his brick
block at 255 Murray Street which required that a sketch be prepared showing all
buildings within 100 feet of the property.
10 Essex County Registry Office, Instrument Number 2756, Town of Amherstburg
discharged 1889
11 Essex County Registry Office,Instrument Numbers 3068 and 3220, Town of Amherstburg
12 Essex County Registry Office, Instrument 3340, Town of Amherstburg
13 Essex County Registry Office, Instrument 4282, Town of Amherstburg
14 Essex County Registry Office, Instrument 5176, Town of Amherstburg

255 - 257 Bathurst St.





Lot 11
According to documents submitted to the Upper Canada Land Board Thomas Fleming, a
Schoolmaster was the original lot holder of Lot 27 on Third Street now known as Lot 11 on
the East side of Bathurst Street. In 1803 Fleming transferred the lot to William Mills who
conveyed it to Denis Delisle. At that time, Delisle erected a house on the lot. Since William
Mills died in 1813, Denis Delisle must have acquired the lot before that time. In 1850 there
was a new two storey dwelling and an old frame house on Lot 11.1

Between 1865 and 1869, another new structure was erected on Lot 11.2 The new two
storey brick commercial block was built by Alexander and William Bartlet. for Denis
Delisle.3 This building is now known as 255 Bathurst Street. In 1872 Michael Twomey
purchased the lands from Denis Delisle for $3,300.00.4

North Half Lot 10 added to Lot 11
In 1875 Mary A. Deaubien conveyed the North Half of Lot 10 to Maurice Twomey for $280.5
With this acquisition, the Twomeys added thirty feet to the rear of Lot 11 making it ninety
feet along Bathurst Street. On January 6, 1883 the Echo contained an advertisement for the
Central Store indicating a grocery business operated at this corner of Bathurst and Murray

In 1886 Michael Twomey sold the most westerly part of Lot 11 and Maurice Twomey sold
the north half of Lot 10, being the corner of Bathurst and Murray Streets to Stephen J.
Johnson.6 This meant that Stephen Johnson, owned a combined frontage of ninety feet
along Bathurst Street and 60 foot frontage on Murray Street for a purchase price of $2000.
(The previous year, Mr. Twomey had sold the easterly part of Lot 11 in two separate

Stephen Johnson operated a thriving grocery store business at 255 Bathurst Street.
According to the July 27, 1889 edition of The Amherstburg Echo, S. J. Johnson added a brick
storehouse with a cellar to the existing building. The Amherstburg Echo noted further
renovations on October 28, 1898 when three plate-glass windows were added to the north
wall of the building.

In 1901, Mr. Johnson also added a residential unit measuring 18 feet by 30 feet to the rear of
the block with the intent of renting it to tenants.8 This would be 257 Bathurst Street.

Stephen J. Johnson was a very active builder, being responsible for the construction of six
new homes on Bathurst Street before his untimely death on June 7, 1907. One month after
the death of Stephen J. Johnson, his Executors sold this property on the corner of Bathurst
and Murray Streets to William Atkinson, Farmer for a purchase price of $3000.9 George F.
Girardin, Grocer bought the property in 1912.10


1 Upper Canada Land Petitions Volume 168 Bundle D 6 Petition 18, Microfilm C-1883
2 Assessment rolls show an increase of fifty percent in the value of the property 1865-1866.
An insurance policy circa 1887 states it was built circa 1868. In 1869 Denis Delisle
mortgaged the property for the substantial sum of $1000 to The Canada Permanent
Building and Savings Society (Essex County Registry Office, Instrument Number 690,
Town of Amherstburg)
3 The Amherstburg Echo July 7, 1913
4 Essex County Registry Office, Instrument Number 899, Town of Amherstburg
5 Essex County Registry Office, Instrument Number 1471, Town of Amherstburg
6 Essex County Registry Office, Instrument Number 2887, Town of Amherstburg
7 In 1885 Michael Twomey sold the most easterly part of Lots 11 and 10 (38 foot frontage
on Murray Street) to Thaddeus J. Harris for a purchase price of $750 (Essex County
Registry Office, Instrument Number 2801, Town of Amherstburg). That same year he also
sold the middle part of Lots 11 and 10 (34 foot frontage on Murray Street) to Ann Brault
for $400 (Essex County Registry Office, Instrument Number 2861, Town of Amherstburg)
8 The Amherstburg Echo August 16, 1901
9 Essex County Registry Office, Instrument Number 5457, Town of Amherstburg
10 Essex County Registry Office, Instrument Numbers 6114 and 6401, Town of

261 Bathurst St.

 Photo of 261 Bathurst Street from Doris Gaspar Property Study

Date of Construction - Original Building by 1861

Renovated - 1902 (William G. Tilley)


Research Summary

Although there was a two-storey frame house in existence on this lot in 1812 and in 1861, it cannot be maintained with certainty that these were the same buildings. There were two houses on Lot 10 in 1861, one of them vacant. One of the houses was torn down around 1875. It could have been the old 1812 building that was vacant in 1861 and torn down in 1875. It is more likely that the house presently located on Lot 10 is the occupied house that was in existence in 1861 but this house probably does not date from 1812. 


1855 - Peter Thibodeau owned the lot until 1855 when he transferred the property to Laurent Robidue.

1859 - There appears to have been a problem with establishing ownership of the property thereafter, as James Harkins obtained a Vesting Order in 1859 registered as Instrument Number 194 vesting the lands in himself.

1861 - The Census shows James Harkins, a Tailor living in a 2 storey Frame house. There is also a vacant house on the lot.

1866-1875 - James Harkins conveyed the north half of Lot 10 to Mary A. Deaubien who transferred it to Maurice Twomey in 1875. The building which was on the north half of Lot 10 was torn down some time after Twomey acquired the land. This piece of property was added to the rear of the Delisle Block and had storage buildings erected on it.

1881 - John Harkins, Labourer conveyed the South half of Lot 10 to Henry Droilard (sic), Barber for $300.

1887 - Henry Drouillard takes out an insurance policy on his- 1 ½ storey framed shingle roof dwelling 18 x 24 and lean-to 9.5 x 8.5 –renewed in 1890 for 3 years.[i]

1889 - Henry L. Drouillard takes out an insurance policy for $150 on his one storey frame shingle roofed building 14’ x 28’ used as a shed marked risk on diagram for this assurance and situate on lot 10 on the east side of Bathurst Street.[ii]

1891 - Henry A. Bailey, Gentleman bought the remaining part of the South half from Mr. Drouillard, being the property which now comprises 261 Bathurst Street. Bailey paid $575 for the property.

1902 - Henry A. Bailey, Gentleman sold the property to William G. Tilley, Barber for the decreased value of $375. To finance the purchase, Mr. Tilley gave a mortgage back to Henry Bailey for $700.00. The money in excess of the purchase price must have been used for renovations as The Amherstburg Echo reported on March 28, 1902 that “Geo. Tilley is having extensive improvements put on his house Bathurst Street. It has been moved back about six feet, placed on a stone foundation, the upper storey has been raised to eight feet and a large new kitchen is being built on the rear.” (The initial “G” in William G. Tilley’s name must have stood for George.)

1906 - William G. Tilley, then living in Winnipeg, Manitoba sold the property to Chloe Healey for $1125. By Instrument Number 6336 registered in 1912 the Estate of Chloe Healey conveyed to Alexander Anderson, Farmer for $1475.00.



Unless otherwise noted, this information was retrieved from Doris Gaspar’s Phase 1 Property Study, 2014. Further citation available in the Study.

[i] Policy Number 306317, Fire Insurance Policy Book, Accession 2005.004, Marsh Collection Society

[ii] Policy Number 11536, Fire Insurance Policy Book, Accession 2005.004, Marsh Collection Society

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