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Accessible Voting Technology

Accessible Voting Technologies – Advance VotingAutomark Voter Assist Terminal

 Advance  Voting Places will be equipped with two (2)  Vote  Tabulators with Ballot Marking Devices, which permit the independent casting of Ballots by individuals with accessibility needs and those who cannot mark a paper Ballot with a Ballot Marking Pen. The system consists of the following components:

i.  An Accessible AutoMark System (Figure 1) and a set  of headphones that a Voter uses to interact with the system;

ii. An on board printer for printing the audio session Ballot once the Voter has made his or her selections; and

iii. Other input interfaces as necessary to accommodate a Voter’s individual needs, including:

a)  Sip and Puff Input Interface; and,

b)  Paddle Button Input Interface.


The Voter uses headphones to hear the Ballot presentation and the attached controller device (Audio-Tactile Interface) to control the voting session and select Candidates as well as respond with a “yes” or “no” to questions on the Ballot. The Voter can also use the other available assistive devices such as sip and puff or paddles if they are unable to use their hands to press the selection buttons on the controller.


Accessible Voting Technologies – Voting Day

 A Voting Place will be located at the Libro Centre on Voting Day specifically designated for persons with accessibility needs and one (1) companion. The same Vote Tabulators used at Advance Voting Places will be used at the Voting Place located at the Libro Centre on Voting Day. The same procedures as set out above for Advance Voting Places will be used on Voting Day. When results are tabulated at the close of voting on Voting Day, the results from all Advance Voting Places and the Voting Place located at the Libro Complex will be consolidated and reported as one total. In this way the results from the Libro Complex Voting Place cannot be identified separately and disclose how persons with accessibility needs voted on Voting Day.

Transportation Limitations

Similar to the 2014 Election, for those that cannot attend a voting place who still wish to cast their own vote without the use of a proxy, please contact the Municipal Clerk, the Deputy Clerk or the Election Coordinator to arrange an in home visit either on advance voting days or the election day.


If you would like to familiarize yourself with, or arrange for the use of, the above equipment or service, please contact the Clerk's Office.