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Commonly Requested Licences


Obtaining a lottery license

Fundraising is an important financial component for many charitable and not-for-profit organizations. The following information will assist those organizations interested in conducting a lottery event. Please note that this information is intended as a guide only and all organizations conducting a lottery event are responsible for ensuring that all events are legally operated.

Only approved charitable organizations are eligible for lottery licences. If your charitable organization is interested in applying for a lottery licence, an eligibility review must first be conducted. Individuals wishing to conduct a lottery event are not eligible for a lottery licence.

How do I know if I require a lottery licence?

A lottery event may be defined as any event which has the following three components:

  • A prize;
  • A chance (to win the prize); and
  • Consideration (or a fee).

A lottery event exists if money or some other consideration is given for a chance to win a prize.

What kinds of events require a lottery licence?

All lottery events require a lottery licence in order to be permitted.  Lottery events held without a licence are prohibited by the Criminal Code of Canada. 

What types of games can a licence be issued for?

Municipalities may issue a licence to charitable organizations for the following events only:

  • Bingo events with prize boards up to $5,500;
  • Raffles with prizes of up to $50,000;
  • Break Open Ticket events;
  • Bazaar gaming events; and
  • Media Bingo. 

What types of games are prohibited?

  • Card Tournaments (eg. Poker, Texas Hold'em, Blackjack)
  • Dice Games
  • Coin Tables
  • Wheel Games
  • Sports Pools 



For more information please contact the Licensing Officer at 519-736-0012 x 2219

Business and Taxi

Business licence requirements


Businesses operating in the Town of Amherstburg may require a Business Licence from the Town of Amherstburg's Licensing Department.  The Town regulates different types of businesses for the purpose of health and safety, nuisance control, and consumer protection.

Business Licences are issued and governed by Town of Amherstburg. 

To find out if your particular business is subject to a Business Licence contact the Licensing Department at 519-736-0012 ext. 2219.


Application and forms

Once you submit the application with the appropriate fee, it is your responsibility to book the required inspections pertaining to your application. 



Taxi Licences


Taxi Licences are issued and governed by the Town of Amherstburg's By-law 2012-114



Submit all completed applications to the Licensing Department


Couples planning to marry in Ontario can get their Marriage Licence at the Town of Amherstburg.

A licence is valid anywhere in Ontario for 90 days from the date of issue. 



Applications are also available at:

Town Hall

271 Sandwich Street South


Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Licence fee

The fee is $122.00, taxes included. Payment by cash, debit or cheque is accepted.

Age requirements

In accordance with the Marriage Act, Marriage Licences can be issued to applicants 18 years of age or over. Applicants who are 16 or 17 years of age are required to submit a completed "Consent of Parent or Guardian to Marriage" form to be signed by parent(s) or guardian(s).


Original identification for both applicants is required. Two (2) pieces of identification MUST be provided for both parties confirming full name, birth date, and signature.

First piece of identification must be one of the following:
. Birth Certificate
. Current Passport (must show your first name, middle name, and last name)
. Record of Immigrant Landing
. Canadian Citizenship Card

Second piece of identification must be a photo ID such as:
. Driver's Licence
. Current Passport (providing it is not used as the first piece of identification)

Note: All documents must be valid originals, not photocopies. This identification must be provided for both individuals. Documents in a language other than English must be translated by a certified translator.


Both applicants must sign the Marriage Licence application form. A Marriage Licence can be issued to one or both of the applicants. One applicant to the marriage may submit the completed
application form provided that the required original identification and documentation for the absent applicant is presented.


If there was a previous marriage and the divorce was dissolved or annulled in Canada you are required to provide the original Certificate of Divorce or Court Certified Copy of the final decree or certificate of divorce. A copy can only be certified by the Court who granted the divorce. A photocopy that has been certified by the court will not be accepted.



If you were divorced outside of Canada, the applicant must obtain authorization from the Office of the Registrar General before a Marriage Licence can be issued. Please consult with the Clerk's
Office or an Ontario lawyer for information regarding this procedure as it may take several weeks. Further information on this divorce process can be found on the Provincial website at

When an Applicant is a widow/widower, the original Death Certificate or Funeral Director's Statement of Death is required when purchasing a Marriage Licence.


Liquor Licence Applications


(Permanent Establishments/New Establishments/Temporary Extension Applications)


Liquor Licences for permanent establishments are granted by the AGCO. As part of the process of applying for a licence, the applicant is required to provide a number of approvals from the municipal authority.


The Licensing Department assists business owners by coordinating municipal approvals (Fire Department, Building Department, Clerk's department). Applicants are required to contact the Health Department directly for approvals required from that authority.


Applicants must obtain an application package directly from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario website at or by calling 1-800-522-2876. The package will contain a Municipal Information Form and/or Agency Letter of Approval(s).


The forms must be filled out and brought to the Licensing Department at Town Hall,  together with the completed Municipal Information form a copy of the sketch/plan and a processing fee of $50.00 (to be made by cash, cheque or debit).

The Licensing Department will do the following:

  • Require the applicant to complete the Municipal Information form
  • Receive a copy of the Municipal Information Form and Agency Letter(s) of Approval (as included in the AGCO application package)
  • Receive the processing fee of $50.00
  • Forward the application to Building and Fire division on your behalf
  • Return all forms completed to the applicant


Please allow 3 weeks for the Town to complete the forms.

Special Occasion Permit

A Special Occasion Permit (SOP) is required any time liquor is offered for sale or served anywhere other than in a licensed establishment (other than a private indoor area).  SOP are for occasion, special events only and not for personal profit.


Applicants can obtain an application package directly from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario website at or by calling 1-800-522-2876.


The Applicant is required to provide notification of the event (in writing) to the local Municipal Clerk's Department, Police, Fire and Health Department at least 30 or 60 days before the event  informing the authority of the event and identifying any physical boundaries.


Please note: if a tent or marque is used, you must also notify the Building Department in writing.


The Licensing Department will assist Applicants by coordinating these notices to Police, Fire and Building Departments.  Applicants are required to contact the Health Department directly for approvals required from that authority. Please attach a copy of the Application for Special Occasion Permit for our reference.


The Licensing Department will do the following:

  • Receive a copy of the Letters of Notification (Be sure to include copy of SOP Application)
  • Advise applicant of any concerns or issues


Please note: ensure that the Town receives these notices in the time as noted under AGCO guidelines (30 or 60 days)


Submit all completed applications to the Licensing Department located at:

271 Sandwich Street South

Amherstburg, Ontario

N9V 2A5

519-736-0012 ext. 2219

Noise Exemption

Requests for Noise By-law exemption requires the approval of Town Council, therefore, it is necessary for applications to be received at least 30 days prior to the planned event.

An administration fee of $50.00 is payable with the completed application.

Noise exemption applications are also available by contacting the Licensing Department at 519-736-0012 ext. 2219. Please return the completed application with your payment to the Town's Licensing Officer.

Death Certificate

Death Certificates for a death that occurred in Ontario can be obtained online by visiting Service Ontario

To order a death certificate, you will need:

  • First and last name of the person who died
  • Sex of the person who died
  • Date of death
  • Name of city or town in which death took place
  • Parental information about the person who died
  • Spouse or partner information of person who died, if applicable

For further information, phone the Office of the Registrar General at 1-800-461-2156.

Dog Licences

The Town of Amherstburg's By-law # 2012-104 states that all dogs must be licensed yearly on or before April 30th each year and must be renewed annually.


Identification Tags assist with the recovery of lost dogs as they provide a unique identification number that is tracked in our database and provided to our Animal Control Officer.  When your Dog Tag is renewed your pet's record includes the pet owner's address and phone number, as well as your pets tattoos, microchip number, and any other identifying information.

Please print and complete the application form below. 


Dog Licence Application Form


Dog Licence Fees: 



January 1 to April   30

After April 30

Spayed or Neutered

Seniors rate (55+)





Not Spayed or   Neutered

Seniors rate (55+)





Personal   Assistance Dogs (Proof required)



Portable Sign Permit

Portable sign shall mean any sign which is not permanently affixed to the ground, building or structure and which is designed with or without wheels, so as to facilitate its movement from place to place.

A Portable Sign Permit is required to display a portable sign on private property in the Municipality.  Completed forms must be submitted to the Municipal office along with the required fee.

Completed Applications and appropriate fees are to be provided to:

Licensing Officer
271 Sandwich St South
Amherstburg, ON

Telephone: 519-736-0012 ext. 2219

Public Events

Public Events have a very positive impact on the municipality and the spirit of our community. The Town supports new and existing Public Events that not only boost the economy in our Town, but bolsters the quality of life for our residents and brings new visitors to Amherstburg!

A Public Event on Town property may be defined as, but is not limited to:

  • An event held on Town Property or at Town Facilities
  • An event that is open to the general public with, or without, an admission fee
  • An event that is advertised in the newspaper, media, web, signage, etc.
  • An event that potentially involves a number of attendees and requires special measures put in place for accommodation
  • An event that includes a Special Occasion Permit (serving of alcohol)
  • An event that requires a Building Permit for tents, stages, or other structures
  • An event that requires Police patrol and support


Applications and a detailed Public Events Manual can be found at the link below: 


For more information, please contact:

Anne Rota, Manager of Tourism and Culture


Rick Daly, Manager of Recreation Services
519-736-5712 ext. 2122