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Riverfront Project

Project Status:

At this time the MECA process has been substantially completed. The Notice of Completion has been published and the 30 day review period has begun.

 Interested parties will have a minimum of 30 calendar days (from the date of Notice) to submit comments. If the concerns cannot be resolved, a person may request that the Minister of the Environment make an order for the project to comply with Part II of the Environmental Assessment Act (referred to as a Part II Order) which addresses individual environmental assessments.

If no Part II Orders are received as a result of the Notice, the Town of Amherstburg may proceed with the design and construction of the project if and when it is desired.

Notice of Completion

Riverfront Festival Plaza and Marina-Class Environmental Assessment (Part 1)

Riverfront Festival Plaza and Marina-Class Environmental Assessment (Part 2)

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Preferred Solution:

Site Plan

Project Overview:

In accordance with the approved procedures contained in the Municipal Engineers Association’s Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA), the Town of Amherstburg have retained Landmark Engineers Inc. to carry out an environmental assessment of the former Duffy’s Tavern and Motor Inn property (306 Dalhousie St.) on the Detroit River waterfront.  The Town of Amherstburg intends to redevelop the site as a transient marina and public festival plaza. 

 Background Information:

 A preliminary concept plan was prepared and an informational Open House regarding the site was convened in September 2017, aimed at soliciting initial feedback from the public and from stakeholders.  Based on the feedback that was received, the Town decided to proceed with the project.  Due to the nature of the project and the potential environmental impacts it may have, an environmental assessment needs to be completed in accordance with the Municipal Engineers Class Environmental Assessment (EA) before moving forward with construction on the site.

In January 2018, Landmark Engineers Inc. was retained by the Town to undertake this EA, in preparation for eventual implementation of the project.

 Preliminary Concept Plan


Problem / Opportunity Statement:

 At the outset of the Class EA process, the following Problem/Opportunity statement was developed to guide and direct the study:

 “This study intends to achieve a design for a public festival plaza and transient marina that will improve the existing vacant land, enhance the connection to King’s Navy Yard Park and restore the existing dilapidated marina.”


Notice of Intent:

Riverfront Festival Plaza and Marina- Notice of Intent and Invitation For Public Comment



Landmark Engineers Inc.

Ms. Liz Michaud or

Mr. Daniel Krutsch, P.Eng.

2280 Ambassador Drive

Windsor, ON, N9C 4E4

p (519) 972-8052

f (519) 972-8644




Town of Amherstburg

Communications to the Town should be directed to the Office of the CAO.