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Community Improvement Plan

The Town of Amherstburg is presently undertaking a number of long-term planning policy projects to guide long-term development in the municipality. Centre to these projects is the development of a Community Improvement Plan. The purpose of this plan is to assist the municipality with enhancing Amherstburg's downtown core and commercial area through a variety of planning, incentives and design strategies.  One of the main drivers of the Community Improvement Plan is to provide a program for attracting overnight accommodations in the primary settlement area, particularly the downtown core.

A Community Improvement Plan is a tool that will support and provide incentives for sustainable re-urbanization, revitalization and heritage conservation within the downtown and commercial areas of Town.

"The CIP will be a business friendly program that the Town of Amherstburg will offer businesses to support a competitive market for the attraction of overnight accommodations and business façade improvements" says Mayor Aldo DiCarlo. 

Community improvement and urban design play a vital role in strengthening and enhancing the community. Physical improvements stemming from the implementation of these plans can:

  • help create a sense of place for Amherstburg and bolster community pride, which in turn draws residents and tourists alike to enjoy local shops and restaurants;
  • identify opportunities for incentives that would encourage additional overnight accommodation land uses within the Study Area;
  • encourage opportunities to engage in safe and social interaction within the downtown core;
  • achieve compatibility between new and existing buildings;
  • improve the streetscape and aesthetics of the Central Business District;
  • celebrate Amherstburg's rich built and cultural heritage.

In the coming months there will be a variety of ways for the community to participate in the planning and design process, including:

A. An open house session to present the draft concepts and draft recommendations of the Community Improvement Plan and Urban Design Guidelines.  Please join us to discuss the draft recommendations as we help to design and form the shape of future commercial development in the downtown core by presenting a vision which is uniquely Amherstburg.  The open house session is planned for summer 2018.

B. A public meeting will be held in late summer, to define strategic directions and present the results of the draft version of the Community Improvement Plan and Urban Design Guidelines to the community.  By attending, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, provide opinions and help create the most relevant Plan possible for the Town of Amherstburg.

The draft Plan will be made available on the municipal website in summer 2018 and additional public input will be sought at that time.

To submit written feedback for consideration in the Community Improvement Plan or Urban Design Guidelines, or for more information, please contact the Manager of Planning Services

For more information please view the following documents: