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Town of Amherstburg Declares State of Emergency - March 22, 2020

We are taking proactive and preventative measures by declaring a State of Emergency today, ensuring we can mobilize resources and be prepared for the needs of our residents and our region. View the Town of Amherstburg's Emergency Response Plan HERE.

The Flood Watches and Warnings issued by the Essex Region Conservation Authority continue due to overland flooding from the Detroit River and portions of Lake Erie and the Big Creek Water Shed. Water levels may continue to fluctuate with wind shifts.

Residents in the Floodplain

If you are unsure if your property in the the floodplain, please refer grey area on the Floodplain Map.

Residents in the Floodplain and Evacuation

If you are a Resident in the floodplain, in the case of overland flooding, it may be mandated that you evacuate.  The greatest way to protect yourself and your property is to plan ahead.  Please visit the Amherstburg Fire Department Website for resources on flood preparedness including: 72 hour Emergency Preparedness Kit.

How will you know there is an evacuation?

In the case of any emergency, Amherstburg will engage Amherstburg ALERT, an emergency notification system.  It is recommended that someone in your household is registered for this notification system, so you may receive direction in the case of an emergency.  For example in the case of flood, if your neighbourhood is being evacuated, you will recieve a message, either by phone, text or email on what you are required to do.  Not registered?  Register TODAY here!

You may register for up to 5 locations on Amherstburg ALERT and choose how you want to receive the message. This enables families to stay informed on emergency direction for multiple properties. 

Residents who do not have an alternate accommodation in case of an evacuation.

In these uncertain times, in the case of an evacuation, it is not advisable to gather evacuees in a shelter where COVID-19 could spread. It would be preferable if each resident arranged their own safe alternate accommodation, however if you are unable call 519-730-2118 immediately to identify yourself.  Be prepared to leave a voice message with the only the following information:first and last name, phone number, house address, number of people in your household.

The Town is offering sandbags

Sandbags will still be available for properties along the water’s edge.  However, as municipal buildings are currently closed to the public, sandbag pick-up will now be available by appointment only at the Public Works Department 512 Sandwich St S. during office hours 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.  Please call (519) 736-3664 to make an appointment for pick-up.  Bags will be left outside the door at your designated appointment time.  Please note that there is still a 100 bag limit per property for those living along the water’s edge only.  You will be asked to provide your name and address during your call before an appointment will be made.  Sand will be available at the Public Works South Yard at 6744 Concession 6 if you require sand.  Please bring your own shovel and remember to maintain social distance at all times.  To find out how best to build a sandbag wall, visit

If you require additional sandbags, they are available at :  Amherstburg Home Hardware,


What are those wooden stakes that have been installed along some of the Town roadways?

The Town has installed wooden stakes along roadways in areas most likely to be affected by the lake/river flooding that is being predicted for our area.  In the event of lake/river flooding it may become difficult for our emergency services, response crews and the public to navigate the roadways. The stakes are being installed to help delineate the edge of pavement and depth of the water in the event that the road becomes flooded. Please use the wooden stakes as markers for the landmarked roadways.

Can I Get an Inspection with the Backwater Valve Subsidy Program?

As this is a program to help mitigate your risk of basement flooding, the Town will not be suspending this program.  Information pertaining to this program can be found at  As the Public Works building is currently closed to the public, you may submit your application at this time by mailing it to Amherstburg Public Works, 512 Sandwich Street, Amherstburg Ontario N9V 3R2, by placing it in the secured mail slot at the front of the Public Works building or by emailing  The Public Works Clerk will notify applicants via phone or email with the program requirements.  Please note home Building inspections have been suspended until further notice.  Photos of the work will be required and will need to be sent to the Building Department for approval. Once approval have been given by the Building Department reimbursement for the work performed will be processed.  Longer processing times may occur. Please keep all documentation and receipts for the work completed.

I have a concern with a Municipal Drain.  What should I do?

Please call the Engineering and Public Works department at (519) 736-3664.  Drainage concerns that may pose a flooding or safety concern to the public will be addressed.  The Municipality will not be conducting drainage related public on-site meetings for the time being.  Maintenance and construction projects may be delayed until such time that the Town is able to reconvene its public meetings.  For questions concerning on-going drainage projects, please call the Engineering and Public Works department.

Water over the Roads

In the case of flooding, some roads may experience standing water during rainfall events and/or in cases of east/northeast winds. If water over the road is encountered, motorists are reminded to drive with caution and slow down. If possible avoid the area, and do not drive on flooded streets if you don't need to be on them. Vehicles can create wake that causes damage to property and other vehicles on the road.

High Water and Boating

The Shipping Industry has implemented a self-imposed speed reduction and we are asking all pleasure craft to be good neighbours and stay away as much as possible from the shoreline property owners that are dealing with significant pressures. Please reduce your speed. We are asking all boaters (from sea-doo type vessels to yachts) to slow down and mind their wake on the Detroit River. Wake from boats is causing damage to properties that are experiencing overland flooding and could cause damage to moored boats in the marinas and private docks.