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Infrastructure Services

The Infrastructure Services Department is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the Town's public works infrastructure, including water, sanitary and storm sewers, municipal drains and roads.

Regular Hours of Operation

Maintenance Crews: Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Telephone:  519-736-3664

Report It

Help keep our community safe and clean. The Town of Amherstburg encourages residents to report problems to the appropriate Town department.  Click here for various information on how to report a problem.

 Winter Maintenance
The Infrastructure Services Department is responsible for clearing the streets of snow and ice in the Town of Amherstburg during inclement weather. Whenever there is a risk of snow accumulation on residential and rural roadways, we will monitor and respond accordingly. The Town also clears and salts municipal parking lots and facilities.

During the winter, property owners are encouraged to:

  • park vehicles off the street and in the driveway
  • shovel snow onto lawns, not onto the road
  • keep catch basins clear of snow and ice for proper drainage during a thaw
  • keep fire hydrant clear and visible

The main goal of our snow removal operation is to clear the snow from the travelled portion of the road. During removal, the operators cannot lift their blade every time they come to a driveway approach. We advise residents to clear their driveway approaches once the plow has moved past their house.

Snow Removal on Sidewalks

Notice to Residents

NEW - Town Wide Sidewalk Snow Removal Program

At the December 11, 2017 Council meeting Council approved a Town wide sidewalk snow removal program.   By-law 2005-04 regulating residents performing sidewalk snow removal WAS REPEALED by Town Council and no longer in effect.    

Please be aware that all municipal sidewalks will now be cleared of snow and ice by Town Staff.

The Town also requests resident's cooperation of ensuring that there are no items on or overhanging into the roadway such as basketball and hockey nets, these items may cause problems for snow removal and vehicle traffic flow.

If additional information is required please call

the Infrastructure Services Department at (519) 736-3664.

 Basement Flooding

Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

If you have a basement, it is at risk of flooding - even if it has never flooded before. Daily, the risk is low; however, it still exists, especially during a heavy rainstorm or rapid snowmelts.

To better understand the causes of basement flooding and to learn ways to protect your house, the Town had prepared a Sewer Surcharging and Basement Flooding Information brochure.

 Mailbox Policy
The Town of Amherstburg created a Rural Mailbox Policy which outlines the guidelines for the installation of rural mailboxes on Town maintained roads, as well as clearly defining the Town's responsibility regarding mailbox damage and replacement.
The Town of Amherstburg is responsible for overseeing the maintenance, repair, improvement and expansion of the Town's municipal drains. There are approximately 200 municipal drains which total 290 kilometres of open and closed drainage systems. For further information on drains, please read So What's a Municipal Drain prepared by Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).

Drain Maintenance

Maintenance on a municipal drain is considered upon request of the road authority, the drainage superintendent or property owner(s) within the watershed. Maintenance works may include:

  • Brushing of banks
  • Bottom cleanout
  • Culvert repairs
  • Bank erosion control
  • Catch basin cleanout and repairs
  • Tile flushing

If you would like to request drain maintenance, please fill out the Drain Maintenance Form and return it to Shane McVitty at the Infrastructure Services Office.

Municipal drains are paid for by the property owners that use the drain. The maintenance cost will be invoiced in the year after maintenance.

Drain Repair and Improvement

Property owners can request construction on the whole or part of the drain. All work requires an appointment of a drainage engineer to prepare a report. Common repair or improvement requests are:

  • Change of use or subsequent connections
  • New assessment schedule
  • New access bridges or culverts (residential or agricultural)
  • Replacement of existing bridges or culverts
  • Installation of piping to enclose the drain
  • Relocation of the drain

If you would like to request drain repairs or improvements, please fill out the Drain Repair or Improvement Form and return it to Shane McVitty at the Engineering and Public Works Office.

Municipal drains are paid for by the property owners that use the drain. The cost is invoiced to the property owners directly, who can debenture the cost over five years on their taxes. For more information, please read Understanding Drainage Assessments and Drainage Act Appeals.

Tile Loans

Tile loan funds are available through OMAFRA's Tile Loan Program and are administered on a first come, first served basis.


Responsibilities of the Engineering Division of the department include:

  • Project Management for capital projects, which include more than one component within the department including roads, sanitary and storm sewers, and water distribution
  • Coordinate review of all development and construction projects
  • Provide contact for engineering consultants, architects and contractors on projects involving more than one component of the department
  • Coordinate technical review of all storm water management and site servicing plans
  • Assist in the development and operation of facilities and infrastructure
  • Oversee capital budgets for current year and 5-10 year forecast

The Manager of Engineering is Todd Hewitt.