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Walking Track

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Walking Track Hours of Operation

Below you will view the chart identifying the standard walking track hours of operation, which varies by season. There will be times the space is unavailable and those those occurrences will be identified here.

Days and times the walking track will not be available are:

To verify hours of operation, call 519-736-5712 and follow us on Facebook @LivingAmherstburg.

Standard Walking Track Hours (note the times the track is unavailable above)
WeekdayWalking Track HoursWalking Track Hours (Oct 30--Mar 31) 
Mondays 8am-10pm  8am-8pm 
Tuesdays 8am-6:30pm 8am-6:30pm 
Wednesdays 8am-10pm 8am-10pm 
Thursdays 8am-6pm 8am-6pm 
Fridays 8am-6pm 8am-6pm 
Saturdays 8am-1pm and 6:30-10pm  8am-11:30am 
Sundays 8am-1pm and 6:30-10pm 8am-1pm and 7-10pm 

Walking Track Rules

• All walkers are asked to sign in & out when using the walking track
• Use the outside lane when there are activities happening on the indoor turf
• Approach the track cautiously and watch for oncoming walkers
• Turn to the right and walk in counter-clockwise direction at all times
• No running – light jog is permissible in outside lane only
• No exercise or warm-up permitted that includes lunges, sit ups, crunches, running, etc.
• No food or drinks, other than water, allowed in turf/track area
• No outdoor shoes during snow and rain
• Bags, coats, etc. must be kept off the track
• No sitting or playing on the track that includes ball toss, shooting balls, etc.
• No spitting on track or indoor turf