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Virtual Recreation

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Welcome to Amherstburg's Virtual Recreation!  The Town is committed to ensuring that our residents stay active particularly when they are unable to get out and about! Below you will find resources for activities and crafts for everyone - from children to youth to adults to families. 


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Story Time-Robert Franz reads aloud THE REMARKABLE FARKLE MCBRIDE 

Milk Cartoon Bowling-develops coordination of arms and torso, fine motor control, and the ability to “read” distances.

CWATS Rapair Station Introduction-Reviews what can be done with the equipment available at these stations

Learn a New Language With These Apps

CWATS Repair Station: ABC Quick Check 

Carrousel @Home-June 26th-27th: Celebrate Culture...From a Safe Distance

Float the Pond-Fun activities for kids

Day Camp at Home Week 5: Going Green

20 + nature activities for kids

Run Away from the Monster

Art & Music 

Julia Conlon's Worker Bees- Bee kind and have fun following along with this simple bee drawing!

Julia Conlon's Hot Air Ballon Painting Tutorial

Art + Feminism: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 2020

Windsor Youth Short Film Showcase


Elinor Frey live-Six Concerts series 2020

Art by the River Pop-ups (at the Gibson Gallery)

 The Gibson Art Gallery Classes

  Kids Fitness

• Work out with your kids! Follow this video from our friends at Movati Athletic.

Garage Gym LIVE RECESS & FAMILY Workouts - FREE on Tuesday & Thursdays @8:30am and @9:30am on Saturdays

BeneFIT's Spider-Man Workout, at home, no equipment

6 mood-boosting yoga poses- Active For Life offers yoga poses that you can do with your child to ease stress and anxiety

Be Active With Your Kids-The Garage Gym 

Healthy Nutrition For Kids - The Garage Gym 

 Adult Fitness

• Seated Core Strengthening - Can't stand for long periods of time? Don't worry, this video is for you from our friends at Windsor Essex Community Health Centre.

No Gear Upper Body Workout-Tony Smith-Owner of The Garage Gym takes you through a strength workout

No Gear Lower Body Workout-Tony Smith-Owner of The Garage Gym takes you through a strength workout

Seated Stretching-Seated Stretching at home with Kerra Gallant,  WECHU

CARs Daily Mobility Routine-MOVATI Trainer: a routine of various "Controlled articular rotations"

Rise Up Rich Podcast: Unclocking Inner Happiness -The Garage Gym in Amherstburg

Full Body Warmup- 3 Rounds 3/3 Runner's Stretch with T Spine Rotation- The Garage Gym

MOVATI Muscles in Motion from Home-short muscles in Motion class  

• Adult Ballet-Rivertown Dance Academy

Ballet-Rivertown Dance Academy 

 Older Adult Fitness

• Exercise at Home: Upper Body- Strengthen your upper body with the WECHC

Mindful Breathing - Short Mindful Breathing session with Lauren Fleming, WECHC 

Grocery Shopping & Healthy Eating- WECHC discusses tips for shopping during a pandemic

Exercise at Home: Lower Body-Strengthen your lower body at home with Jill Conlon, from the weCHC

Exercise at Home: Seated Stretching-Seated Stretching at home with Kerra Gallant, weCHC

Exercise at Home: Seated Cardio 2: at home with Kerra Gallant, weCHC

Exercise at Home: Upper Body 2: at home with Kerra Gallant, weCHC



 • Skating Fitness Video - Off Ice Exercises from Skate Canada

 • Tennis Warmup- Specific Warmup Baseline to Baseline

 • Volleyball at Home - 6 Ways to practice volleyball

 • Pickleball- How to Set Up A Temporary Pickleball Court

 • AMA Tennis Practice - Coach Nancy's Tennis Corner

 • Tennis-Building a Point (By moving the opponent) with Coach Nancy 

 • 3 Things Every Pickleball Player Should Know

 • Hip Hop Dance Tutorial-Rivertown Dance Academy 

 • Jazz Tutorial - Rivertown Dance Academy 

 • 4 pickleball fitness tips for beginners

 • Contemporary Dance-Rivertown Dance Academy

 Articles & Additional Resources 
Exploring & Virtual Tours 


Living Life to the Full-CMHA: 8 weeks Online course. 



 • Intro to Exercising at Home - WECHC

 • Seated Cardio - WECHC

 • Standing Cardio - WECHC

 • Upper Body - WECHC

 • Kids Yoga 

 • Full Body HIIT Workout


 • Scavenger Hunts - Primary Playground

 • Shark Cam - Ripley's Aquarium

 • Lego Balloon Cars 

 • Scavenger Hunts 

 • Bright Child Montessori School

 • 101 Activities for Kids at Home

 • How to make a DIY Obstacle Course Outside

 • Growing Romaine Lettuce

• Story Time 

• Milk Cartoon Bowling


  • Create Sidewalk Chalk Art 

  • Learning Fine Motor Skills 

  • Let's Draw Frogs! 

  • Portrait Sketching

  • Dye a Shirt With Veggies and Fruits

  • Color Opposite Landscape Paint Tutorial

  • Spring Floral Hoop Wreath Tutorial

  • DIY Macrame Wall Hanging-

  • Cartooning Technique And Pen Work

  • How to Make a Homemade Mask-

 Articles & Additional Resources